There's No Place Like Home
There's No Place Like Home

More than 60% of all the households in the United States have
some kind of pet. In fact, there are an estimated ll0 million cats
and dogs alone, not to mention all the hamsters, birds, fish, and
other pets. According to the American Humane Society, these
pets are happiest when they're at home, surrounded by familiar
sights, sounds and smells.

In the past, however, most pet owners had few choices
concerning care for their animals when they were away from
home. They could turn to friends, neighbors or professional
boarders -- all of which are possible solutions, but not ideal for
every pet. Many have found that a new alternative presents the
best choice of all -- a professional pet care giver who comes into
the home to care for the pet while the owner is away. That is
indeed why in-home pet-care is one of the fastest growing
industries in the country today.

According to the experts, from the pet's perspective, the familiar
environment, diet and exercise routine, along with the personal
attention provided by a professional pet care-giver are the
perfect answers. Eliminating the trauma of being transported
and minimizing exposure to illnesses of other animals are
certainly additional advantages to the owner and pet alike.

The in-home pet-care solution is a relief to most owners who no
longer have to impose on family, friends or neighbors or have
the inconvenience of transporting the pet. There are also extra
services offered, such as crime-deterrent measures, watering
plants, bringing in the mail, etc.

The incredible growth of the in-home pet-care industry over the
past few years is evidence of its effectiveness in well satisfied
owners with well cared for pets.